Why you need a Unique Selling Proposition

unique selling point

Except your business is the only player in the industry, you need to set yourself apart from others. This is where your unique selling proposition comes in.

A unique selling proposition is a quality that sets your business apart from your competitors and other businesses in your field. It could be what your company stands for, how you conduct your business, the audience you cater to, or the goods or services that your business provides.

So why is it important?

Differentiation: A clearly articulated unique selling point can be a useful tool that helps you shape and focus your marketing goals to successfully set your brand apart from your competition. A unique value proposition is essential to your brand because it communicates to your customers that your business has unique features that they likely cannot find anywhere else. Being clear about your USP helps potential clients to differentiate you from the many options available to them.

Effective marketing: Part of an effective marketing strategy is to clearly communicate your USP in all your marketing efforts- ads, social media posts, emails, websites etc. If not, your marketing efforts may not yield satisfactory results. You should always be able to highlight a specific benefit you offer that your competitors don’t.

Memorability: Your USP plays a crucial role in defining your brand identity. It keeps the differentiating features of your business at the forefront of your target customers’ minds. It helps your business to be memorable and maintain a positive impression.

Focus: Having a unique selling point can serve an essential role in your company’s internal operations. It helps you to stay focused on the specific reason why your company exists. If not, you may end up doing too many different things without any identifiable positive result.

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Hello Super woman!

We see you achieving so much and taking all the necessary steps to build a viable business and create a legacy and we are super proud of your journey and your wins irrespective of how small or big they may be.

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Excited to launch Africa No Filter’s first round of grants, as I settle into my new role as Programme Lead for the organisation. As such, please see below for the various grants available for African Creative, Cultural and Media organisations. Please share with your Networks all over the continent.

Africa No Filter – Arts, Culture & Research Grants & Opportunities

Emerging Scholars Fellowship (for African scholars PhD or Post-doc) – https://bit.ly/ANFEmergingScholarsFellowship

Organisational Grants (up to $100k for Creative, Cultural or Media organisations in Africa) – https://bit.ly/ANFOperationalGrantApplication

Project Support Grants (up to $15,000 for individuals and $30,000 for organisations delivering projects that use art, innovation or creativity to challenge harmful narratives about Africa) – https://bit.ly/ANFProjectgrantapplication

Kekere Emerging Artists Fund (small grants of $500 – $2000 for emerging artists) – bit.ly/ANFKekereGrant

Keep up with Africa No Filter on

Instagram – instagram.com/africanofilter
Facebook – www.facebook.com/africanofilter
Twitter – www.twitter.com/africanofilter

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