Morning Routine Mistakes

Everyone has a lot of tips about how to make an amazing and easy morning routine, but when it comes to implementation, there are a few mistakes that are so easy to make. Hitting the snooze button, starting your day from the bed, and sacrificing your productivity time for a late-night movie marathon are all ways to ruin the potential of a productive morning.

Here are some mistakes:

#1)  Getting out of bed the immediately the alarm goes off

This mistake is done with good intentions so you dont go back to bed. If you get out of bed the moment you hear the alarm, it disconnects you from your body immediately. Want an alternative? Take a few minutes to stretch your body as much as possible.

#2) Checking your phone immediately

‘It’s tempting,  especially, when there is so much information on your email, social media and so on. It’s important to focus on day ahead by writing down your goals

#3) Sleeping Late

Now, we aren’t telling you which hours you should or shouldn’t be sleeping, but consider this. Bu a good nights sleep that’s done early would make all the difference for a productive morning, plus you wake up early too

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