Instagram needs to stop


You already know that Instagram is not what it used to be anymore. 

  • Poor organic reach

  • Instagram reducing your followers

  • Low reach on hashtags

  • The high rejection rate of ads and so on

You are not alone, the truth is that you cannot do anything about so you need to find an alternative. We have 5 suggestions on how to promote our brand without social media.

Email marketing

Email marketing is useful for any business. If you don’t know where to start, read where to find mailing list subscribers and how to write a welcome letter. Effective email marketing is a gamble, you need to constantly dazzle customers with something new. If you send interesting and useful letters that you want to share with friends, subscribers will tell other people about your brand and products.

Sponsor of an event

The simplest way to make your brand recognizable is to be a part of society. Become a sponsor of a local event so that your company name is shown on flyers, tickets, and so on. You can become a regular sponsor, for example, a youth sports team or organize an event.

Give out souvenirs

Get some souvenirs made to give out to your current and prospective customers. This can be anything from stickers, pens, custom USB drives, t-shirts, etc. The more creative and innovative you can be with these items, the more your brand will stand out and create a lasting impact.

Start a referral system

Create a referral program for your customers. Offer incentives to get them to continue to spread your brand to people they meet. Your customers are the best people to convince new people to try out your product.

Use social media tactics offline

One thing we forget when using social media is that the same principles apply in the real world. Make sure your marketing attracts people and remember that it’s not about your business, it’s about the client. Once you have figured it out, social media will not matter.

Social media will not matter as much

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