Christmas Sales Tips


When the majority of your annual sales are earned in November and December, there’s no such thing as planning too soon. Here are sales and marketing tips you’ll want to start working on now to ensure a profitable holiday season for your business.

Improve Your Email Marketing

If you want to improve your sales figures for the holidays, it’s a good idea to boost your email marketing efforts now. Study your newsletter conversion rates to determine what messages generate the best responses. Additionally, you should monitor your social media pages to see what your customers are discussing and determine what the hottest products are going to be for the holiday season.

 Branded company souvenirs

Giving away branded gifts is a great way to prepare for the coming season while reminding customers of upcoming sales. When choosing your giveaway items, try to brainstorm products that your customers will want to keep in their homes for the long haul’.

Extend the Christmas makeover to your website

Just as you’re likely to decorate your stores for the Christmas season, your online store also needs to wear a Christmas look too. Be sure to maintain a consistent shopping experience across all customer touchpoints. Strive to recreate the same Christmas feelings someone would have felt if they walked into your offline store on your website.


Offering discounts on select products could be a great way to generate huge Christmas sales. The idea behind giving a discount is to give the customer a gentle nudge to make a purchase when they would have never made one. A lot of your competitors are going to be giving out discounts, you should do the same too.

Use social media

Even if you can’t offer a lot of discounts during the Christmas season. You can take to social media and spread the Christmas spirit.

Big brands use this method often. They take a festive message to their followers. If your business doesn’t have a social media account, we recommend you get one and start building an online presence.

Embracing Social Commerce

Social commerce is one of the hottest trends in social media today, and it looks to have an even bigger impact in 2020. The primary players in social commerce are Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Is all about embracing social media tools to boost sales eg  Facebook Shop

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