7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

social media for business

Many brands look at social media marketing as just another strategy along with their other traditional methods of marketing.

But when you know that worldwide social media users have reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to 2.95 billion by 2020, you will definitely agree that social media marketing is not just another usual marketing method.

Social media marketing has the potential to reach a large audience base.

(1) Social Media Marketing is Simple

Social media is highly popular due to its simple and easy operations. That explains why, just in a matter of 10 years, social media has occupied a mainstream position for marketing.

It’s an uncomplicated platform where you can listen, inform, converse, engage and educate your audience, all in one single platform!

(2) To Analyze Target Audience

The biggest requirement of any business is to know your target audience. Social media marketing exactly caters to this requirement by helping you to identify your audience.

By using hashtags, relevant, content, contests, and targeted advertisements, it is possible to zero down on your target audience. You can get customer insights by reading their tweets, status updates, shares, likes, their behaviors.

(3) To Build Relationship With Your Audience

Social media helps to build virtual connect with your customers. To build and prove your credibility, you need to constantly gain customer confidence. Social media marketing offers you a unique opportunity to establish a bond with your customers.

Show your audience that you are listening by creating and sharing content that speaks about their interests, pain points, and questions. Social media marketing gives you an opportunity to create a dialogue with your audience instead of just constantly selling to them.

(4) To Build Your Brand

With social media marketing, you can gain followers, persuade potential customers, engage with the audience, read the minds of your readers and finally, sell your products. But for all this,  you should first be well known to your audience.

Social media marketing helps businesses to give their brands a unique personality on social platforms.

You can build your brand by creating profiles that depict your brand’s personality, interacting with the audience in a way that helps to build your brand, post content that supports your brand image, etc. All these social media activities will help you to build a brand that is unique to your business.

(5) To Improve Brand Loyalty

Social media marketing will get you active, engaged, and loyal customers. Do not run behind the follower count and huge fan base. Social media marketing will help you in getting a loyal and interested customer base.

(6) To Offer Excellent Customer Service

Social media marketing is not just a marketing tool, It is also an effective customer service management tool.

“Customer service and social media has melded together,” says Lindsay Patton-Carson, Vice President of customer engagement, PiperWai.

Brands should plan about which social platforms their customers are using, so that they can focus on these social media platforms. To have effective and successful customer service, strategy brand should be present across different channels based on the preference of their customers.

(7) To Extract Valuable Customer Insights

Social media marketing gives you ample opportunity to get valuable customer insights.  With the help of social listening, you can easily collect information about their interests, likes and dislikes, brand that they support, influencers that they follow and much more.

Based on these insights, you can easily segment content generation and distribution to cater to the likes of your customers.  Analyzing customer insights proactively can help to tailor the messaging and marketing campaign more efficiently.

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