3 Tips to Make This A Great Week

set goal

Well, Monday is here again. While this of course means the weekend is over, it also means a new week of unlimited potential lies ahead. The following are 3 ideas that will help you have a happy, productive and meaningful week:

1.  Set Goals

Today take some time out to think about the week ahead. Identify the key roles in your life. If you haven’t given this much thought before, just write down what immediately comes to mind. Next, think of 2 or 3 important things you would like to accomplish in each of these roles in the coming week. Schedule time to do them. Be flexible though in most cases some daily adapting is also needed.

2. Be Disciplined

Starting the week by setting goals is a bit like making a new year resolution, they are easy to make, but as time progresses it can be hard to capture the same motivation that was present when you first made them.
Self-discipline, like everything else, is a practice. Not every day will be perfect, but each day with its failures and small wins is progress.

3. Learn from mistakes.

Many entrepreneurs point to mistakes as being their best teachers. When you learn from your mistakes, you move closer to success — even though you initially failed.

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